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Fokker50’s are the perfect and reliable platform to diversify into a variety of cargo, cargo & passenger or otherwise. Cabin flexibility and aircraft performance make them also fitting platforms for a multitude of different transport roles such as bulk cargo operations, courier/express duties and postal, newspaper magazine dispatch services, special transports, last minute / in-time delivery, zero-stock logistics. And in the role for fire fighting or oil dispersant spraying duties.

The aircraft can operate from almost any airport, hot or high and offer a high level of self-sufficiency.

Fokker Services’ Commitment to you!

The strategy of Fokker Services is to serve a portfolio of aircraft types with integral services.This includes that Fokker Services as Type Certificate Holder for Fokker aircraft, provides support for continued competitive operation of the Fokker fleet. To do so, we will keep the EASA Design and Production Organization Approvals in place, and will continuously seek for ways to keep the Fokker fleet flying.

Peter Somers
President Fokker Services