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The liner system is structural fiberglass. The fiberglass panels are installed on stringers separated from the fuselage frames to protect the aircraft structure.

A cargo floor is installed on top of the standard aircraft floor between the seat tracks. The floor panels are 0.4 inches thick for a surface level “flush” with the tops of the seat tracks. The seat tracks are retained for securing the cargo.

The floor support structure throughout the cabin that allows 488 kg/ m².

Structural parts and hardpoints are installed for the 9G Vertical Separation Nets which are used in six different positions, including lining of sufficient strength and durability to allow loading without the requirement to use additional overthrow (horizontal) nets.

A sealed cockpit door, to prevent the entry of smoke into the cockpit is installed and includes blow-out panel to provide protection in the event of cabin decompression.

A smoke detection system is installed, capable off detecting a fire before structural damage to the aircraft occurs.

A warning panel is installed in the cockpit and includes test circuits to allow the crew to test the smoke detectors. Fire and damage-proof cabin lighting are installed.

Emergency egress for the cockpit crew is provided through the cockpit sliding window. Access through the emergency windows from the exterior of the airplane is provided.

Cabin windows have been removed and aluminum panes/plugs are installed.

The cockpit is provided with a separate air-conditioning supply.

The cabin is divided into cargo zones with placarded zone loading.


  • Aluminum window plugs
  • Relocation to aft bulkhead of batteries plus room for third unit to power forward large cargo door operation to ensure self sufficiency
  • Choice of heavy duty aluminum diamond sandwich floorpanels with alu honeycomb or balse core
  • Aluminum diamond kickplates
  • Cockpit electric receptacle
  • Spare wheel hook-up frame at aft bulkhead
  • Surrounding Impact Protection Plate for large cargo door area