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AircraftConversions, sole manufacturer of the FAA and EASA certified and DGCA validated Fokker50Freighter, is pleased to announce a new order for two full freighter conversions with tailor- made E-Class and forward large cargo door for re-delivery during fall 2014 has been agreed upon.

“The Fokker50Freighter is a perfect fit for Amapola’s future air cargo transport ambitions and we’re extremely proud to be able to play an instrumental role in their freighter service strategy. They have fully proven to be rugged high performance workhorses, to be the yardstick for reliability and productivity, as well as the capability to operate in any kind of terrain successfully cope with downtime in very adverse cold-weather conditions”, says Arnoud J. Smit, CEO, AircraftConversions.

The Fokker50Freighters will complement their current Fokker50Express fleet that already features a E-class cargo cabin (with a 60 cu.m., 15.45 m. long and a reinforced floor allowing floor loads up to 488 kg/sq.m. (100 lbs/sqft) and with aluminum / diamond sandwich floor panels.

With the new order the number of conversions reached 12 with 5 more options. Fokker50Freighters are also operated by MiniLiner (Italy) and AsiaLink Cargo (Singapore). The Fokker50 aircraft tentatively allocated for conversion are serial MSN 20149 and MSN 20151.

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