Welcome to AircraftConversions, the exclusive holder of FAA and EASA supplemental type certificates for the modification of Fokker50 aircraft into full freighters with a 60 m³ E-class configuration with or without a forward large cargo door. Preferred partner for the Fokker Services company the type certificate holder for all Fokker manufactured aircraft.

Fokker50Freighter is the well-proven mix of Low Direct Operational Cost, Maintenance Cost and an inimitable operational quality It is the best turbo-freighter for the future in its class; flexible and economical to operate , presenting lucrative payload/range operational capabilities.

With its operational and structural qualities the Fokker50Freighter is a perfect fit for a reliable low-cost cargo solution, performing with a high dispatch reliability in any terrain or climate condition to replace 1sty generation propeller aircraft.

Lucrative payload/range operational capabilities
Opportunities for leasing and ACMI
Low Direct Operational Cost & Maintenance Cost
9-G nets and large cargo door opening net
Forward large cargo door (2.34×1.77m) in dual cargo door concept
60 cubic meters of cargo volume
7-8 tons kg segment (depending configuration)
Floor support structure allows 488 kg / sq.m.

High Engineering Quality

Fokker 50 turboprops are known for their structural integrity and durability. With a 90,000 flight hours ceiling and 99.8% dispatch reliability, this plane is truly a High Performance Workhorse for Decades to Come!

The Perfect Platform

The Fokker50Freighter has an unrivaled payload/range capability and operates and performs on any terrain. It’s the perfect platform for bulk cargo operations and every imaginable courier/express service.

A Smart Investment

Fokker 50’s are available on the market today. With a low capital investment but a long depreciation period and high residual value, our Fokker50Freighter conversion fully meets critical investor requirements.

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