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Welcome to AircraftConversions, the exclusive holder of FAA and EASA supplemental type certificates for the modification of Fokker50 aircraft into full freighters with a 60 m³ E-class configuration with or without a forward large cargo door. Preferred partner for the Fokker Services company the type certificate holder for all Fokker manufactured aircraft.

Fokker50Freighter is the well-proven mix of Low Direct Operational Cost, Maintenance Cost and an inimitable operational quality It is the best turbo-freighter for the future in its class; flexible and economical to operate , presenting lucrative payload/range operational capabilities.

With its operational and structural qualities the Fokker50Freighter is a perfect fit for a reliable low-cost cargo solution, performing with a high dispatch reliability in any terrain or climate condition.

Lucrative payload/range operational capabilities
Opportunities for leasing and ACMI
Low Direct Operational Cost & Maintenance Cost
9-G nets and large cargo door opening net
Forward large cargo door (2.34×1.77m) in dual cargo door concept
60 cubic meters of cargo volume
7-8 tons kg segment (depending configuration)
Floor support structure allows 488 kg / sq.m.

The Perfect Platform

The Fokker50Freighter has an unrivaled payload/range capability and operates and performs on any terrain. It’s the perfect platform for bulk cargo operations and express services.

High Engineering Quality

Fokker 50 turboprops are known for their structural integrity and durability. Our E-class Conversion with Forward Large Cargo Door turns your passenger jet into a high performance cargo workhorse!

A Smart Investment

Fokker 50’s are available on the market today. With a low capital investment but a long depreciation period and high residual value, our Fokker50Freighter conversion fully meets critical investor requirements.

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